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The Lowell Observer


This is a collection of Lowell Observatory's newsletter, The Lowell Observer. Issues from Summer 2011-present are available at…

Slipher Brothers


This collection highlights the lives and careers of brothers and Lowell Observatory astronomers V.M. and E.C. Slipher.

Historic Buildings and Telescopes

Pluto Telescope.jpg

Lowell Observatory has been contributing to science since 1894 when Percival Lowell established his institution in Flagstaff, Arizona. Over the years,…



V. M. Slipher


Papers and correspondence of Lowell Observatory astronomer V. M. Slipher.

Percival Lowell


Notes and drawings from Percival Lowell's papers

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Guestbook Meetings & Conferences 1957-1989.pdf

Letters, drawings, maps, and other favorite items from our collections.

Oral Histories

Boyce, Peter Final.pdf

A collection of oral history interviews with current and former Lowell Observatory staff and associates. Includes audio and written transcripts.

Carl O. Lampland


This collection highlights the life and career of Lowell Observatory astronomer Carl Lampland.

Subjects Include:

Lampland’s Obituary

Blueprints and Drawings


Blueprints, drawings, and plans for Lowell Observatory buildings, houses, and telescopes.