V. M. Slipher


Papers and correspondence of Lowell Observatory astronomer V. M. Slipher.

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Letter from V. M. Slipher to Edwin Hubble, February 15, 1922, discussing a report on nebulae
Slipher requesting Hubble's assistance and expertise with nebulae for a report to the International Astronomical Union. Includes suggestions for discussion of nebulae.

Edwin Hubble to V. M. Slipher in response to questions about Nebulae, undated
Hubble describes an addition he made to Mr. Hale's contribution on nebulae to an unspecified source. Hubble also indicates he is beginning a program to investigate nebulae.

Edwin Hubble to V.M. Slipher, February 23, 1922, and his response to Slipher's Nebulae Questions
Hubble describes characteristics of nebulae to Slipher and attempts to answer Slipher's questions. This includes types of nebulae and associated stars and measurements.
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