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3D Artifacts


Lowell Observatory's collection of three-dimensional artifacts includes complete objects and parts of others.

Collection Items

Bristol's Recording Volt Meter
Bristol's recording volt meter

A thermometer that produces a continuous record of a fluctuating temperature.

Instrument used to continuously record very small changes in atmospheric pressure.

Negative Lens
Negative lens made for use with 24" refractor for planet photography - 5 9/16" ef

Beamsplitter w/variable density filter and mounting tube

Periscope Tube
Periscope tube with eyepiece

View Camera Lens
Cooke Portrait Lens 6 1/2" X 4 3/4" - Focus 8 inches for view camera

Telescope tailpiece
Telescope tailpiece rack and pinon focus tube with eyepiece

Plate Holder
Brass 6cm x 9cm plate holder w/built-in dark slide. Used in conjunction with 0038 camera.

Relay Tube with Prism
Optical relay tube w/mounted prism
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