Carl O. Lampland


This collection highlights the life and career of Lowell Observatory astronomer Carl Lampland.

Subjects Include:

Lampland’s Obituary
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Blink Comparator
Discovery of Pluto
Credit for the discovery of Pluto
Pluto Orbit Work
Asteroid Positions
Meteor Crater
V-2 Rocket Launchings
Discovery of a new gas in Earth's atmosphere
Assistance provided to amateur astronomers
Assistance provided to professional astronomers
Botanical excursions with Percival Lowell
Planetary and stellar radiation measurement
Planetary radiation measurement
World War I
Affects of the Great Depression
World War II
Lowell Observatory Personnel Update
Variable Star R Aquarii
Russia/Soviet Union
-Russian Astronomers after the Bolshevik Revolution
-The condition of Russian scientists, artists and men of letters
-Purge of Russian astronomers during the Stalin Regime
Flagstaff Weather
Lowell Observatory Library
The Cold War
The Normal School/Arizona State Teachers College/NAU
Solar Eclipse Expeditions
Hubble's Variable Nebula (N.G.C. 2261)

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