Lowell Observatory and Flagstaff

Carl Lampland worked at Lowell Observatory from 1902 until his death in 1951. In addition to his chief work as astronomer, Lampland was the Lowell Observatory librarian and assisted Percival Lowell and the Observatory staff in other ways.  Many changes in personnel and equipment took place during those 49 years.  Here are a few letters describing some of those changes and Lampland's other work and interests.  

Since the weather in Flagstaff is a prevalent topic in Lampland's correspondence, his letters referencing this topic are also included.

This exhibit is a small sample of Lampland's correspondence.  All of his letters pertaining to Lowell Observatory and Flagstaff are available as PDF files on our Collections page.

Lampland had many interests besides astronomy and in his pursuit of knowledge he encountered some interesting individuals in his correspondence, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was Acting Secretary of the Navy in 1919.


Acting Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt's reply to a request by Senator Ashurst at Lampland's behest for a copy of the American Practical Navigator

Lowell Observatory Personnel Updates

Flagstaff Weather


The Slipher building with the first floor covered by snow (date unknown)

Botanical Excursions with Percival Lowell

The Death of Percival Lowell

Percival Lowell's Stevens-Duryea (Big Red)


Percival Lowell's Stevens Duryea, photographed in front of the Rotunda of the Main Building.

June 30, 1989


Sliphers and Lamplands in the Stevens-Duryea

Backseat left: Verna Lampland, Emma and Marcia Slipher

Front driving, V.M., with David Slipher, Carl Lampland

Lowell Observatory Library

The Normal School/Arizona State Teachers College/NAU

Lowell Observatory and Flagstaff