Non-Astronomy Activities

Business Pursuits

In addition to his work at Lowell Observatory, V.M. Slipher was a prominent community member and businessman. He was involved in multiple business pursuits outside of his career. 

In 1930, he served as president of the Northern Arizona Furniture Company. He also purchased extensive ranch land, owned several properties, and was a co-founder of the Community Hotel (now known as the Hotel Monte Vista) in downtown Flagstaff. 

Community Service

Once established in the Flagstaff community, Slipher became active in civic pursuits and community service. Most notable of his accomplishments was his participation on the School Board, serving as chairman for a period of time, with active involvement in the establishment of the first high school in Flagstaff. He was a founding member of the Northern Arizona Society for Science and Art and the Museum of Northern Arizona. 

In his will, Slipher provided funds geared towards continuing education in the fields of science, including grants and scholarships available through the National Academy of Science and the Northern Arizona University Foundation.