Mademoiselle Merit Award


Mademoiselle Magazine named Dr. Elizabeth Roemer one of its Ten Young Women of the Year in 1960. She was honored for her work with comets. According to Mademoiselle, 

Dr. Elizabeth Roemer, not yet thirty, has been a student of wandering stars since her childhood. In her post as astronomer at the U.S. Naval Observatory at Flagstaff, Arizona, she now devotes herself to a program of observing faint comets. Last year she recovered two comets, making an extraordinary total of nine recovered on her own since student days at the University of California. Only two other astronomers in the world are able to join her in this work, which has received international recognition for the information it brings to light on the origin and evolution of the solar system. 

Dr. Roemer received numerous awards throughout her career. In a letter to Harriet Gormley, Manager of Women's News for Westinghouse, Roemer expressed her hope that her Mademoiselle Merit Award would encourage others to explore the field of astronomy.