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Letter from V. M. Slipher to Edwin Hubble, February 15, 1922, discussing a report on nebulae

Slipher requesting Hubble's assistance and expertise with nebulae for a report to the International Astronomical Union. Includes suggestions for discussion of nebulae.

Edwin Hubble to V. M. Slipher in response to questions about Nebulae, undated

Hubble describes an addition he made to Mr. Hale's contribution on nebulae to an unspecified source. Hubble also indicates he is beginning a program to investigate nebulae.

Edwin Hubble to V.M. Slipher, February 23, 1922, and his response to Slipher's Nebulae Questions

Hubble describes characteristics of nebulae to Slipher and attempts to answer Slipher's questions. This includes types of nebulae and associated stars and measurements.

V.M. Slipher to Edwin Hubble, March 3, 1922, in receiving Hubble's response on nebulae

Slipher thanks Hubble for his responses and sent him a copy of Wright's letter on nebulae, before encouraging Hubble to send him more research. Slipher also encourages Hubble to visit Rome as he cannot.

V. M. Slipher to Edwin Hubble, March 23, 1923, on the Nebulae publication from 1922

Slipher describes that he received a letter from Schlesinger about sending an abstract of their report for the previous year's American section of the International Astronomical Union. Schlesinger also suggests an abstract and full version for…

Edwin Hubble to V.M. Slipher, April 4, 1923, on the nebulae report for Schlesinger and his work about nebulae

Hubble discusses the abstract Slipher had requested and describes the trouble he had defining the topic for general readers who are not familiar with astronomy. He then describes the progress he made in nongalactic nebulae and observational measures.

Edwin Hubble to V. M. Slipher, July 23, 1923, on Nebulae classification systems

Hubble sending Slipher some notes on nebula classification and suggesting that they utilize what they have so far to stimulate discussion at the International Astronomical Union. He aims for an organized system of classification in doing so. A…

The Classification of Nebulae manuscript

A manuscript on the measurements and classification of nebulae types. Includes handwritten notes by the authors.

V. M. Slipher to Edwin Hubble, August 18, 1923, on Slipher's manuscript and eclipses

Slipher is intrigued by the manuscript Hubble sent and plans on discussing it with C. O. Lampland when possible. But both Slipher and Lampland are mentioned as being involved in investigating an eclipse and might not be able to do both projects.

V. M. Slipher to Edwin Hubble, August 29, 1923, on wedding news and bibliography project progress

Slipher congratulates Hubble on the delayed news of his wedding from the July letter of earlier that year, and informs that the prints Hubble sent were distributed to the Committee members. He continues by mentioning the Committee approves of…