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E.C. Slipher Studies an Image of Saturn

E.C. Slipher studies an image of Saturn in the Reading Room of the Administration Building, 1947

V. M. Slipher to Edwin Hubble, March 20, 1953, on use of slides and spectra about nebulae for lecture

Slipher expresses interest at Hubble giving the Darwin Lecture, especially on the Red Shift and velocities of nebulae. He agreed to share his slides and mentioned he might include a particular one. He then confirmed the date of his slides first…

Edwin Hubble to V. M. Slipher, March 6, 1953, on using images for a lecture

Hubble wrote to Slipher to request use of a few of his images on velocity and some of his spectra to use with Hubble's own on distance to deliver a lecture on the Red Shift at the Darwin Lecture.

V. M. Slipher to Edwin Hubble, September 3, 1952, on a recent publication and a Lampland memorial publication

Slipher wrote to Hubble after seeing Hubble's release of a publication regarding publishing Lampland's nebulae photos, requesting further thoughts on the issue. He agreed that a memorial publication of Lampland's material would be appropriate and…

V. M. Slipher notes on nebulae rotation and nearer edges

A draft and notes by Slipher on nebula rotation and the notion of the darker edge of spirals being closer.

V. M. Slipher to Edwin Hubble on publishing a paper about requesting use of Mt. Wilson nebulae photographs, Undated.

Slipher wrote to Hubble to request use of Mount Wilson's photographs of nebulae for an article on lenticular spirals and his theory that the darker edge was the nearer edge.

V. M. Slipher to Edwin Hubble, September 7, 1942, on Hubble's manuscript draft and multiple interpretations

Slipher thanks Hubble for sending him the draft of his paper on nebulae rotation and describes how he left some notes in soft pencil that Hubble could erase. He then describes a few of the suggested edits before suggesting that astronomers will not…

Edwin Hubble to V. M. Slipher, July 27, 1942, on the draft of his paper "The Direction of Rotation of Spiral Nebulae"

Hubble sent Slipher a copy of a revised paper for possible edits, emphasizing that he would revise it again based on specific spectrographic rotations Slipher had found.

Edwin Hubble to V. M. Slipher, June 11, 1941, on the rotation of spiral galaxies and related theories

Hubble expresses thanks for Slipher's paper on the rotation of spirals and sent images Slipher requested with the letter, mentioning use of Slipher's advice on the paper. He then mentions related theory and interpretations of the data but believes…

Slipher's Velocities

A list of velocities observed by V. M. Slipher in relation to nebulae/galaxies' movement to compare with Slipher's and Hubble's respective spectrograph images. Compiled by Edwin Hubble with potential note from Slipher.