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Charon Discovery Images

Discovery images of Pluto's moon, Charon, captured by astronomer Anthony Hewitt. The images were then sent to astronomer Jim Christy for further analysis, and it was Christy who made the discovery of Pluto's moon.

Congratulatory Telegram from Clyde Tombaugh's Parents

Tombaugh Telegram.jpg
A telegram from Clyde Tombaugh's parents congratulating their son on his discovery of Planet X.

42-inch Spectro Radiometer March 1944 - November 1946

42-inch Spectro Radiometer March 1944 - November 1946.pdf
Logbook covering the work on the 42-inch Spectro Radiometer and Auxiliary Equipment from March 1944 - November 1946

Construction of Radiometric Equipment 1940-1944

Construction of Radiometric Equipment 1940 - 1944.pdf
Logbook covering the Construction of Radiometric Equipment at Lowell Observatory (1940-1944)

The Lowell Observer, Spring 1999

The Lowell Observer, Spring 1999, Issue 42

The Lowell Observer, Spring 1997

The Lowell Observer, Spring 1997, Issue 34

The Lowell Observer, Summer 2008

The Lowell Observer, Summer 2008, Issue 79

Vol. XVI Radiometric Observations November 1941 - December 1943

Vol. XVI Radiometric Observations November 1941 - December 1943.pdf
Logbook of the Radiometric Observations at Lowell Observatory from November 1941 - December 1943. Objects include:

1915 Pluto Plates

Pluto Plate 030420.tif
Plates taken in 1915 by Thomas Gill at Lowell Observatory. Unbeknownst to Gill, these plates contained images of Pluto. The team that discovered Pluto in 1930 later realized this after comparing their own plates to pre-existing ones .

Clyde Tombaugh at door of 13 in. Telescope

Photograph of Clyde Tombaugh at the entryway of the 13 inch telescope. Tombaugh captured images using this telescope on January 23rd and 29th in 1930 that contained Planet X.