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Coconino Sun Article about the Discovery of Pluto
Scan of a Flagstaff newspaper, the Coconino Sun, with an article about the discovery of Pluto. The article features images of Clyde Tombaugh and V.M. Slipher alongside an account of their involvement in the search. Also included in the article is…

Pluto Not Yet Explored Stamp
Image of the 1991 postage stamp featuring an image of Pluto with the words "Not Yet Discovered." This stamp was part of a series issued by the United States Postal Service that depicted all the planets in the solar system individually.

Pluto Explored Stamp
Postage stamp created by the United States Postal Service (USPS) after the return of the New Horizons mission. The stamp reads "Pluto—Explored!" with an image of the New Horizons satellite and the enhanced image of Pluto taken during the mission.…
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